One to One Support

How we have worked with clients:

  • Teaching how to use new hardware or software you have at home
  • Designing/sourcing/installing home studios
  • Problem solving and optimising existing setups
1-2-1 Teaching

Example 1:

    Title: Introduction to music theory and composition using Native Instruments machine studio 2
    Date: July 2016
    Client: 17 year old student
    Duration: 2 hours

    Brief: How to get started producing music using Machine Studio Hardware, integrating Native Instruments Kontact 5, Reactor 5 and Massive with Machine Studio 2 software.

    Notes: Initially the client asked for me for technical support with some new equipment he had recently purchased. However, it soon became apparent that he would also require some help with basic music theory in order to be able to use the equipment to its full potential. We covered basic music theory and composition, importing samples and creating MIDI loops, basic mixdown techniques and how to open, save and export sessions appropriately. I am continuing to support remotely, with feedback on his compositions that he sends me via email.

Example 2:

    Title: Stage lighting and synchronisation using DMXIS
    Date: October 2015
    Client: DJ
    Duration: 2 Hours + 1 Full Day

    Brief: A DJ who was starting up on his own, and was confident with sound and DJ equipment, but needed help sourcing and using lighting for his set-up. He particularly wanted help synchronising the lighting to his DJ set, so he could offer this as a full package to events.

    Notes: I spent two hours with the client initially to help him consider his options within the budget available. Together, we chose the appropriate lighting, and I ensured it was all compatible with the other equipment he had available. Then, once the equipment arrived, I spent a full day with him, showing him how to set it up, and teaching him how to use DMXIS to sync the movements of the lights so that they were specifically programmed to match his DJ set. This meant that in the gig, the lighting happens automatically, saving him from needing a lighting technician.

Average Prices

Due to the diverse range of services that we offer, our prices are all flexible, and will therefore reflect exactly what we tailor to you. It is best if you contact us to talk through your requirements in order to get an accurate quotation.

Travel Expenses: 30p per mile anywhere further than 15 miles from: Kingsfield Close, Northampton, NN5 7QS

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