AV Tech Support for Education

Audio Visual Technical Support for Education

Our practitioners have previously worked full time within both primary schools and secondary schools, so are familiar with how schools function, and can therefore advise you on how to maximise the impact of our work with you. We have experience of working across all key stages, and within a broad range of exam specifications.

We are all currently working as professional musicians, and have a strong grounding in music theory as well as a recent background in composition and music production within the music industry.

Here are some of the ways we have previously supported educational work within schools, colleges and universities:
  • Practical workshops to develop music technology skills
  • Support for non-specialist teachers delivering music technology for GCSE, BTEC (up to level 4), VCERT or A Level
  • Intensive composition workshops to create pieces for GCSE or A Level coursework
  • Producing professional quality recordings of both live events and studio music for coursework and exams
  • Providing a live band to play for examined performances - (supporting ensembles, performing for music tech students to record, performing students' own compositions etc.)
  • Support in generating ideas and implementing semiotics within drama performances
  • Rigging and programming new or existing lighting rigs
  • Filming/Video editing for performing arts events and exams
  • Setting up and optimising the running of radio stations (including providing support to create materials)
  • Consultancy on audio visual installations / performing arts technology purchases (Review the facilities - find three quotes - make recommendations based on needs)
  • Checking and servicing equipment, repairs, and problem solving
Education workshops


Members of our team are experts in engaging young people in learning using music technology. We can work out a workshop that meets the needs of almost any group of young people and that works around resources available. Here are some examples of workshops we have recently completed:

Example 1:

    Title: Introduction to Music Technology
    Date: January 2016
    Students: 22 (Key Stage 3)
    Lessons: 2 (50 mins each)
    Workstations: 13
    Resources: Exemplar pieces

    Brief: As part of the process of year nine students choosing their options subjects for next year, I was asked to give an introduction session into music technology.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Identify core aspects of Music Technology in practical, engaging way
    • Use GarageBand to create simple loop-based arrangement
    • Opportunity to present arrangements to peers on large speakers
    • Mixdown tracks and burn a CD of material created

Example 2:

    Title: Composing Using Logic Pro
    Date: March 2016
    Students: 12 (Key Stage 4)
    Lessons: 12 (2 school days)
    Workstations: 7
    Resources: Help sheet for continuation of work after workshop

    Brief: Provide an intensive composition workshop over two days. Students are taught how to best use Logic Pro to compose an electronic club dance piece for their coursework (OCR). Ideas generated, and outline of composition complete.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Use MIDI keyboard and Logic Pro to create and edit original drum patterns, bass loops, synth loops and a main hook
    • Make use of software sequencing functions to develop structure of composition
    • Mixdown tracks and burn a CD of material created

Average Prices

Due to the diverse range of services that we offer, our prices are all flexible, and will therefore reflect exactly what we tailor to you. It is best if you contact us to talk through your requirements in order to get an accurate quotation.

Travel Expenses: 30p per mile anywhere further than 15 miles from: Kingsfield Close, Northampton, NN5 7QS

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